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Dress Code

While Pride Unbound*London is a fetish event, it does not allow sexual activity. We have minimum dress codes that needs to be complied with.

The general rule, for both PU*L & the parade, is 'swimwear minimum'. This means that at no time is frontal nudity, or assless clothing allowed in the venue or on the parade. Please note this does NOT mean you can come in just speedos.

Almost all manner of fetish gear, and causal clothing is acceptable

Example Attire

Please see some examples of acceptable fetish outfits for PU*L! You don't have to come in gear though, and causal clothes are allowed .


Rubber clothing comes in many styles, so come show off your shinyness!


Leather, BLUF, & bikers gear are always great looks! Just make sure you have something lighter if the weather is to warm. We don't want you baking.


Be it sports wear, zentai, cosplay, or otherwise, lycra of all forms is a great choice for a lightweight kink outfit.

Pup Gear

Pup gear comes in many forms, so get your wag on and bark! Just make sure to bring your kneepads when crawling around.

Pony Gear

Clop Clop Clop. Join the prancing ponies in whatever pony gear you have!


The ultimate in fluffyness! Fursuiters have always been welcomed, and give the best hugs. Just make sure to stay hydrated.

Not allowed

The following is an example list of clothing NOT allowed at the venue. If in doubt please ask ConOps@prideunbound.uk

  • Anything that is likely to cause offense to other attendees/staff/members of the public (i.e. confederate flags)
  • Exposed genitals, or hole
  • Real animal fur
  • Actual swimwear

More details can be found in the Code Of Conduct