Pride in London Parade

Puppy Pride will be running its TWELFTH walk at Pride in London this year! 

We're teaming up with Pup Out London with the aim of getting both pup groups next to each other in the parade, however this is not guaranteed. We are handling the registration for both groups.

Walking in the Pride in London will be FREE for all, and convention tickets will not be required to walk in the parade. However you will need to sign up with a 'Parade only' ticket to claim a spot.

Tickets to walk in the parade are NOT yet released.

Parade Route:

The meeting location for the parade will be in the car park outside DockX (opposite Phantom Peak). Even if you do not have a convention ticket, you will need to meet there to collect your wristband to join the parade. If you do not have a ticket, you will not be allowed into the venue to use the toilets, changing room, or bag storage facilities.

We will then get a train from Canada Water to the line-up location as a group, and a northern line to Waterloo, and a Jubilee train back to the venue afterwards for those with convention tickets.

Do NOT book walking wristbands with multiple parade groups as you will prevent someone else from walking!

Goodie Bags

If you're joining the Pup Sightseeing Tour, or the Pride in London Parade, you'll receive one of our goodie bags (filled with help from our awesome friends). So far, each goodie bag will contain:

  • 3 x 500ml bottles of water
  • Rehydration tablets
  • A selection of edible treats

As well as gifts & vouchers from some of the event sponsors!

Parade Dress Code

  • There is a swimwear-minimum dress code. This means no exposed butts and female nipples must be covered (blame the government, not us).
  • If you are wearing a rubber catsuit, please make sure that you do NOT have the zips between your legs unless they are cable tied or padlocked shut.
  • There may be heatwaves or storms. Please dress appropriately in either case.
  • Allowed: Causal wear, pup, pony, and kitty gear, leather, rubber, neoprene, fursuits, other fetish gear
  • Not allowed: Just Jockstraps or underwear, clearly visible chastity, female nipples on display
  • Please only use biodegradable glitter

Timings on the Day