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Pride Unbound*London is being brought to you by Puppy Pride CIC, the UK’s largest Pup Play social network.

Puppy Pride began as a Pride in London walking group in 2011, with just 6 people in the parade, and started its online presence in 2013, with the plan to make a free social network for pups to help bring them together and help them find their local communities and events.

Our presence is now a staple of the parade with us having so many people wanting to join us, Pup Out London had to get its own walking group in the parade to try to help cope with the number of pups wanting to join in.

2012 Group photo

Previous Parties

Our first party was at Doggett’s pub in Blackfairs in 2016, with just 35 attendees, and was set up to provide those joining Puppy Pride in the parade a place to change, store bags, and eat and play after the parade. 

In 2019 we had just over 100 people turn up to the event at Brewdog Chancery lane, filling the venue. There was a massive pup area, and we provided both a dinner and brunch buffet. 

In 2022 we held our party at Tokenhouse, Moorgate, and had almost 200 attendees turn up. The venue was rammed, with our biggest pup space yet, and several dealers in attendance as well.

Over our 10 years of running pup groups at Pride in London we have attracted attendees from all over the world, who make the effort to travel in for our one day event. We’ve also now maxed out the capacity of the pubs able to host us!

2021 Group Photo

The First Pride Unbound*London

Last year in 2023 we held our first Pride Unbound*London at Theatre Deli on Leadenhall Street. An arts & dance venue inside a converted office block.

With over 250 attendees, we had; DJ's in the evenings, a dealers den full of stalls, a dungeon to play in, dozens of talks & workshops to help teach pup more about kink & safety, massive pup area & AB space, and so much more.

We had loads of fun over the weekend, and had fantastic feedback. We're greatful to everyone who turned up and helped make the event a success and we're glad that we are able to run the event again for you.

2023 Group Photo outside the Gherkin