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calendar_view_day Spaces & Events

We will be running a packed schedule of events over the weekend, with a mix of shows, talks, workshops, and demonstrations. 

The exact schedule will be released nearer the time. Details might change

Main Stage

We’ll be using the saloon theatre to bring you a variety of fun shows and interactive panels throughout the weekend. We hoped you enjoyed them all last year, because they're all coming back to cause chaos and entertain.


Once the sun sets, the DJ’s come out, with the main center of the old town turning into a music zone with DJ's in the pulpit! You'll be able to dance in the town square or just listen from the Saloon.

Workshops & Talks

Throughout the weekend we’ll be putting on multiple workshops, talks, and demos, to help you either learn more about a kink you’re interested in, or to explore something completely new and different!

Pup Play Area

Pup Out London will be joining us all weekend and setting up a pup room for people to enjoy whenever they want. With padded floor, squeaky toys, comfy dog beds, and a ball pit! It’s not really an event as it’ll be open ALL WEEKEND!!!!

AB Area

Last year we had an AB area with foam blocks and toys, and this year we plan to have the same! There will also be an arts & crafts space for you to colour and make things.

SFW only!

While we know that some of you enjoyed the dark room and dungeon last year, it has not been possible to arrange that this year.

All events will be SFW, with a minimum level of clothing required in the venue. You're still welcome to bring your rope, toys, and kink gear, but you nudity and sex are not permitted.

We are sorry for anyone who is disappointed by this but we have to work within the rules specified by the venue.