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redeem Charity Raffle

Every year we hold a charity raffle to help raise funds to support their good causes. This year's charity has not yet been confirmed. Check out our charity page to learn more once it has been!

Raffle Prizes

Andrew Christian

Andrew Christian are a world leader in male underwear, and also make some amazing accessories. This year we have 3 goodie bags from them, each with cap & extra large fan!

Bad Dragon

Get yourself a Flint, the uncut studded dragon in gorgeous pinks, reds, and blacks, along with some lube and toy cleaner. There's also some diddies and awesome Bad Dragon accessories in the raffle as well!

Den Loungewear

Relax at some in these comfy clothes with your £100 voucher to get you started!

It's For My Friend

At It’s For My Friend, have donated a MASSIVE collection of toys for the raffle to celebrate their first year of trading. With 3 tire paddles, fleshlights, quickie cuffs and gags, and some fun games to play to spice up the bedroom.

Naughty Fox

A Velox and Silver muzzle fox to kiss you at night


Oxballs are the world leader in tunnel plugs and silicone cock rings, and we have a whole BUCKET load of them (and an actual bucket) for the raffle this year.

Pierce Me London

The best place in London for piercings, intimate or otherwise! And they've given us our STAR PRIZE! Solid gold earrings!

Rogue Fang

If you're a size M you'll love this collection of 2 backless underwear!

Plus many other prizes as well from our sponsors!

2023 Raffle Prizes