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Registration Terms and Conditions

These terms are a legally binding agreement between Puppy Pride CIC (Pride Unbound*London) and all registered attendees.


I confirm that as of the first day of attendance of Pride Unbound*London, I will be 18 years of age or older.

I agree that I will provide an acceptable and valid/in-date form of photo identification (ID) upon registering at the convention. If you are unsure whether your form of ID is acceptable, please email registration@prideunbound.uk well in advance of the convention to confirm its acceptance.

I agree to adhere to the Code of Conduct & Safety Notices printed in the convention book, which are also available separately upon request. If I choose not to agree or if I break any of these, I may be asked to leave and not allowed to return.

I am responsible for my personal property. Pride Unbound*London and the Phantom Peak cannot be held responsible for any losses or damages to personal property including any items, costumes or accessories left within the ‘Changing Room’.

If I choose to participate in any activities with a costume of any kind, Pride Unbound*London and the Phantom Peak cannot be held responsible for any damages sustained to it.

I understand that the convention staff members aim to take care of the attendees during the convention, but that any medical care offered by Pride Unbound*London staff do so on a ‘best effort’ basis.

I agree to indemnify and hold harmless Pride Unbound*London and the Phantom Peak from any claim for personal injuries or other damage arising from any of my own activities.

I understand that consent is required prior to any physical contact with another Pride Unbound*London attendee, including but not limited to any attendee in costume. I understand that any breach of this clause may carry serious repercussions.