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Dealers’ Den Prohibited Items

These rules cover items on sale in the Dealers’ Den and in the Art Show/Auction. We try to be accepting and open to a wide range of subjects, but we must also operate within the law and the best interests of taste and decency.

If you plan to bring anything that may be in a grey area regarding these rules, please contact staff in advance of the con for a decision on specific items. If you do not, we will make our decision at the con and may exclude your item.

There can be no items for sale or display (publicly or otherwise) at the convention which violate any of the following:

  • We do not allow any items made of real animal parts, nor any sale of such fabrics. This includes pelts, fur and other parts. PLEASE NOTE: This does NOT include items made of leather or sheepskin, as these are considered a by-product of the meat industry and, so, are not covered by the Fur Farming (Prohibition) Act 2000.
  • We do not allow anything that violates European and/or UK law. This includes (but is not limited to) weapons, imitation weapons and drugs (illegal or otherwise).
  • Pornography, both still and moving, can not be sold at the convention
  • We do not allow items that violate UK copyright law. More information about UK Copyright law can be found here. All items you sell must either depict original characters, fall under Fair Use, be a licensed item (e.g. official merchandise), or you must have written and signed permission from the original copyright holder allowing you to profit off their work. If you obtain such a signed permission, please contact staff in advance of the con so we have time to verify your claim. If we do not have time to do so, we will need to exclude your item.
  • Items may not be perishable and may not be dangerous to display for an ordinary, clumsy viewing public.
  • No depictions of rape or other non-consensual violence in combination with sexual content. Bondage or sub/dom depictions are allowed. Consensual sex of any kind, regardless of species and gender, is allowed (unless covered by the rules below).
  • No excessive violence and cruelty (even in non-sexual context). Violence in general is allowed on a reasonable level, including blood or hunting. If you are in doubt about this rule, show the picture to the staff before the con.
  • No pedophilia / “cub porn”. We are aware that this is a difficult rule since the actual age of drawn characters is open to interpretation, especially where the characters are drawn in a cartoon style. According to UK law appearance counts: characters with a very childlike appearance and/or baby face may be considered “children” in the context of this law. Again, please ask a member of staff if you are unsure whether this rule applies to any of your items.
  • No zoophilia and/or bestiality involving humans or largely human-like characters (e.g. anime catgirls, elves, or centaurs) with animals or largely non-morphic characters (four-legged) is allowed. Other species-transcending sexual activity (e.g. anthros and humans) is generally allowed.
  • Toilet activities are highly discouraged. This includes scat, watersports, adult diapers in use, or vomit. We do not exclude this content as a rule, but we do appeal to your sensitivity and common sense in showing excretional fetish work, which may not be suitable for a wide and varied public. In other words, we will most likely exclude these items, except in cases of very mild depictions. If you think your item falls under this rule, please contact staff in advance of the con.
  • No discriminatory, derogatory or offensive items may be sold.
  • No AI-generated images or texts either solely or partially — this includes assistive use of Artificial Intelligence technology e.g. for creating backgrounds.
  • No non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

If you are ever in any doubt, please contact a member of staff. Preferably before the con.